First Post

Today, in November 2012, the world has never been more complex and is changing more rapidly than ever before: socially, economically and technologically. These changes interact with and reinforce each other in an intensifying way. Whether this will eventually culminate in an episode resembling Kurzweil’s Singularity, a Malthusian denouement or just simply go on more prosaically is something, which certainly all of 2012’s twenty-somethings, and probably many of those who are older,  can expect to directly witness. Amongst other things we’ll be discussing:

  • The future global financial architecture
  • The quality, quantity and cost of energy supplies
  • The effects of technology, particularly the Internet and smartphones, on social dynamics
  • Biotechnology and it’s future
  • Relations between men and women

and many others

These subjects will form the themes of this blog. During our discussions we will also contemplate the actions individuals can take to optimize their personal chances given the expected circumstances.

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  1. kimkieranhi says:

    Hi Papa,
    Viel Erfolg mit deinem Blog

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